07 January 2017

4QFAL Finish: Up Cross Stitch

I made this adorable cross stitch for my aunt, who loves the move Up. (Yes, I know the pictures are the same. My aunt and uncle live in the same house.)

Checking this one off my 4QFAL list.

4QFAL finish: Turtle Mug Rug

I didn't finish much on my list, but I did get some of my Christmas gifts done. I made this turtle mug rug for my uncle using Quiet Play's Geometric Sea Turtle pattern. I love paper piecing. I love how it turned out.

Pardon the photos. I forgot to take pictures before I shipped it to Florida, so my aunt was awesome to take these for me.

Checking this one off the 4QFAL list.

Knock knock. Who's there?


Where have I been?

Lemme see . . .

  • Buying a house 400 miles away.
  • Packing lots of boxes.
  • Choosing paint colors.
  • Purging stuff, and more stuff.
  • Wondering where I got my magazine obsession from. Oh wait. My dad.
  • Packing quilts. 15 bins so far.
The move is, well, I don't exactly know. Gotta love the uncertainty of closing and all that junk. But it's soon. Moving in the dead of winter. Oh the joy.

But I'm a happy girl. After two years, my husband will have a real home, and we'll live in the same house again. I won't be a single-ish mom, and I won't have to fix toilets and garbage disposals anymore.

Still designing quilts in my downtime, just to keep my sanity. We've been dumped on with the snow this winter, and I'm getting a little stir-crazy. Thought I'd play around with some of my published patterns to make them look a little different.

Something New looks awesome in a bright blue. More snowflakes! Because we need more snowflakes around here!

And then I thought, nah, I need spring-y colors. So Flower got a spring makeover, but with a Seattle sky. I need this one for my new Pacific NW life.

That's all for today. Working on some new patterns to finish after the move. Stay tuned!

25 October 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Purple Sew Together Bag

I'm trying desperately to get caught up with everything I can before we move. We don't know when we're moving, or where we're moving, but we know that it's coming.

This has been on my list since the summer. Finally finished it up! Had to dig out my purple thread for it.  It's for my friend who LOVES purple. She needed one to organize her stuff.

10 October 2016

Make-A-List Monday: 4QFAL 2016

Last quarter was just sad. Seriously sad. Twenty-one projects and only two got finished. That was pathetic! For me. Not for anyone else.

I did finish a few flimsies, but those ones don't count, so I can't include them in my total.

Should I make a realistic list? Nah. I'd rather put it all out there so that if I do manage to get a lot done (ha!), I can take credit for it!

The List:

Sew and Sew Zipped Case

Prairie Zipped Case

Modern Minis Weekender (with fussy cut squares!)

 Modern Minis Maker's Tote

Prairie Maker's Tote

Vintage Happy Zipped Case

Purple STBag (dude, this thing is so close to being done!)

Superman Zipped Case

Frozen Zipped Case

Owl Zipped Case

Wonder Woman Purse (can I just finish this already!)

Cousin's Weekender (I'm further along than this picture shows, but I didn't want to take another picture!)

 Prairie Weekender

First Crush Weekender

Vintage Happy Weekender

Glamping Weekender

Feed Co. Weekender

Blue Batik quilt for my Grandma

Cross-stitch pillow for my cousin

Framed Cross stitch for my aunt

Framed Cross stitch for my pal

Framed Cross stitch for my MIL

Framed cross stitch for my other cousin

Turtle Mug rug for my uncle

04 October 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Prairie Open Season flimsy

Finished this one up a few days ago. It won't be ready for this fall (let's not get carried away here!), but I'll have it on my bed by next year. Promise!

03 October 2016

Monday finish: Alpine Wonderland On A Whim quilt

Just in under the wire for the 3QFAL. Kids already are using this one, even if it is technically a winter quilt. We don't go for conventional around here.

I fussy cut several of the cute little pictures from this fabric. They might be my favorite parts of the quilt.

Since it's a winter quilt, it's backed in chocolate brown Minky and I love how snuggly it is. The nights are getting colder, so this one will come in handy this winter.

Quilted all over with a variegated pink thread in blowing snow swirls (at least that's what I was going for!). Bound with a brown polka dot print and on my couch. With my Halloween quilt. Because why not?

Quilt stats:
Pattern: On A Whim by Thimbleblossoms
Fabric: Alpine Wonderland and a chocolate brown solid
Size: huge (bigger than the pattern, because my blocks are 5X7, and the pattern is 4X5)

Checking this one off the 3QFAL list. The one that didn't get as finished as I'd like. Here's to a busy 4th quarter!

Oh, and for the duration of the link-up, all patterns in my Craftsy shop (button up top on the right) are on sale for $5. Just so you can add another project to your 4th quarter!

13 September 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Sew and Sew Sew Together Bag

Boy, say that out loud. That's a lot of sews!

Apologies for the weirdness that has been my blog. I'm figuring out the problems and hopefully the pictures show up this time!

Made up this cutie to replace my old one. I'm seriously in love with that ruler print.

 And the zippers match the inside pockets! Sorry. Giddy here.

Checking this one off the 3QFAL list. I'm slogging through it. Summer kicked my tail this year!

11 August 2016

Needle and Thread Thursday: Feed Co. Scrappy Trip

Oh my goodness - sorry about all the confusion y'all! My computer was being all kinds of wonky the last few weeks. I had scheduled some blog posts, and then I couldn't access them to edit them. Which meant a whole lot of nothing on my posts!

Never fear - all has been resolved. This one will have words AND pictures!

Started this one, oh, who knows. Forever ago. Off and on, like most things. Had a sewing day with my bestie (who still doesn't have living room furniture, which means I can lay out my quilts on all that space!) and I got the rows together. Came home, pressed seams, and finished sewing the rows to one another.

I'm thinking this one will be my July/August quilt. So very patriotic, don't you think? And perfect for the fair season as well!

25 July 2016

Make-A-List Monday: Cute Lil' Sewing Machine!

Hi all! How's it been going?

I've missed these progress posts. Keeps me accountable!
  • Purple Sew Together Bag - almost done - finishing it up tonight
  • Cousin's Weekender - some progress - going to push to get this one done this week
  • First Crush Weekender - got the outer bag quilted, so that's a start
  • Sew & Sew Sew Together Bag - also getting finished tonight
I think I did pretty well for myself last week, and now I'm ready to move forward. This week's list:
  • Glamping Weekender
  • Cousin's Weekender
  • First Crush Weekender
  • Sew Together Bags
  • Sew & Sew Zipped Case (see the photo below!)
  • Alpine Wonderland quilt
I'm putting this cute little yellow sewing machine on the cover of my zipped case and I'm so excited!

Have a happy week! 

19 July 2016

Fabric Tuesday: #backtheblue

I've got several friends in law enforcement, and the recent shootings have us all on edge. I was happy to jump in and help with the Dallas MQG and their #backtheblue efforts. I pulled all the dark-ish blue I owned and managed to make 35 blue hearts to send off this week.

A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on

18 July 2016

Make-A-List Monday

A move is coming sooner rather than later, and I'd rather not move more WIPs than I have to. I've got it all scheduled out (which means all sorts of things will stop me!).

Here's what's queued up for this week:

  • Purple Sew Together Bag - housewarming gift for a friend
  • Cousin's Weekender - it's about time!
  • First Crush Weekender - at least it will be finished before NEXT Valentine's Day
  • Sew & Sew Sew Together Bag - a new one for me because I can
It's going to be a fun and busy week!

Here's something pretty for a color palette this week. I was dreaming of the Northern Lights the other night. Thought it would be fun to play with the colors.

14 July 2016

Needle and Thread Thursday: Prairie Scratch

Funny story: my kids went looking for something in our van last Sunday. Turned on all the lights. Left them on all night. Flash forward to Monday morning when I head out to the van to start my Monday errands (we're ALWAYS out of milk on Monday) and I've got no battery. Plugged in the charger and waited. And waited. And waited.

And while I waited, I finished flimsies, because when you're waiting for a battery to charge, you might as well do something fun and productive. I finished my Happy Harvest Open Season flimsy first (Tuesday's post). I had the on-point four patch strips and the stacked coin strips finished for this one. It was just a matter of trimming and putting the final quilt together.

I think I love this pattern a lot. And I didn't use white! And I didn't make it bigger! Seriously, using that dark grey for the background is just perfect.

Tossing this one on the flimsy pile and moving on. But it's good to have one less WIP in pieces.

12 July 2016

Fabric Tuesday: Is it October yet?

I know the sky and the thermostat say it's July, but I'm dreaming of October already. I LOVE October. Pumpkin everything, unless it's apple everything. Sweater weather. Soup weather. Football games. It's the best!

I fell in love with this fabric bundle by Anka's Treasures called Home for the Harvest. I love that it's fall, but it's got bright oranges and turquoise and green in there, along with a gorgeously rich brown. I purchased the kit for the table runner (pattern available here), but I just had to have a quilt too. Here's my tablerunner from last fall:

 I added a few polka dots and ginghams to coordinate and have been working on this one off and one for a few months now. 

My sewing buddy Heather just moved into a new house with a whole lot of floor space, so she let me come over and lay it out in her currently empty living room.  I cannot wait to back this baby in some cozy flannel and get snuggled up with it on my couch this fall!

The pattern is Open Season from this book, although I did modify the cutting instructions to use a fat quarter bundle instead, but that's how I roll. I also added an entire column of flying geese, along with the requisite sashing. Again, because I like bigger cozier quilts. And this one is going to be a favorite, I can already tell.

Happy Tuesday all! Time to enter the Weekender Bag sweatshop!

11 July 2016

Make-A-Long-List Monday: 3QFAL Plans

I keep saying I'm moving. And it's going to happen. It's just taking a LONG time!

I don't have many quilt tops with backs already purchased, and I'm not about to buy any right now, so the quilts won't be my big finishes this quarter. I didn't have my Weekender fest last time around, so those will be getting most of my attention.

Here it is, in no particular order:

Alpine Wonderland On A Whim (the one quilt I've got backing and batting for!)

Prairie Weekender

Wonder Woman purse

Modern Minis Weekender

Northern Lights Creative Maker for my oldest

Vintage Happy Weekender

Frozen Creative Maker pouch for my youngest

First Crush Weekender

Composition book covers for my kids

Cousin's weekender

Feed Co. Weekender

Prairie Maker's Tote

Purple Sew Together Bag

Sew & Sew Zipped Case

Sew & Sew Sew Together Bag

Vintage Happy Zipped Case

Modern Minis Maker's Tote

Prairie Zipped Case

Wonder Woman Maker's Tote

2 New Scripture Bags, because the last ones I made are a smidge too small

I'm including this list of flimsies I'd like to have done before I move as well:

Prairie Scratch

Fall Open Season

Backyard Bugs

Prairie Open Season

Feed Co. Scrappy Trip Quilt